Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Most Disconcerting Feeling

I was napping on the large circular chair in my living room when I felt a hand on my arm. I forced my eyes open groggily to see the person was standing behind me in such a way that I could only see their hand. It was a man's hand, rather tan. I turned my head to see who it was but got increasingly groggy as he entered my vision, and my eyes were forced closed again. This bothered me, but I tried to ignore it and fell back asleep.

I awoke to the hand on my arm once more. "Look at me," a voice said. A familiar voice, but I couldn't pin it down. I turned my head slowly and the same thing happened, something forced my eyes closed by the time I was facing where he should be. I began to panic, and tried my very hardest to open them, and I was able to see through for just a moment. Where I was facing, there was nobody, but the feeling of the hand remained. I could see only static, nothingness, a non-entity. My eyes shut again but my heart raced because I knew what I was facing was not possible, and it was the most terrifying thing I'd ever seen.

"I can't." I felt extremely agitated and started to cry. I felt like I was suffocating.

"Why won't you look at me?"

"...I see death."

And then I awoke properly.
I was scared to look behind me.

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