Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Bloggering time?

I love to write, and I write for myself fairly often. But admittedly, I like the idea of the public happening to enjoy my writings as well. I would love to publish a book someday. On a smaller scale, I thought writing for a magazine or... blog could be fun. Initially I thought of blogging as a way for nobodies to collectively stroke each others' egos, and well, frankly I'm still not convinced otherwise. There are an awful lot of people out there that think they have something interesting or novel to say when they really don't. I'm afraid of becoming one of those people.

I would like to think I have a distinct writing style but I couldn’t point it out to you myself. All I could say is that my high school English teacher thought my writing was "awkward" and hated my tendency toward long sentences and passive voice. I have had some poems published in school magazines and one of them won some contest in Virginia. I got a whole fifteen dollars for it. Embarrassingly enough I also write racy stories for a website, and I only mention this because I’m proud of my small and loyal following.

I kept a blog for awhile but nobody paid attention to it, perhaps because it was a cheesy MySpace blog. At any rate I'm going to try again. But I figure that most people nowadays prefer watching over reading (unfortunately) so I moved over to YouTube and I now “vlog” regularly as well. You should see some of those in the Video Bar, if it's working properly. I post mostly entertaining videos to gain subscribers, and as I gain more of them I venture to post more meaningful videos, because of course everyone wants to be enlightened by a college girl. That’s not condescending at all. Nope.